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Artist - Hand to Mouth Theatre

Hand to Mouth Theatre is Martin Bridle, puppeteer, and Su Eaton, artist and musician, who have been creating and performing witty and whimsical animated theatre for many years.

They have entertained audiences at festivals in the UK, Europe, Russia, the USA, Canada, and even as far away as South Korea and Taiwan.

At Beyond the Border 2020 they will be bringing their walkabout performance of magical delights to the festival for families.

As well as their brand new Box of Delights, Hand to Mouth Theatre bring their ‘Piggery Jokery’ show to the 2020 Festival – a whimsical perambulation through the seasons, touching on the circular nature of time, as told by the Green Man and his hurdy-gurdy playing Droning Crone and their troupe of rag-bag characters.

There is plenty of laughter along the way as the old farmer tends his land

and fattens his pig for the winter. It is both moving and entertaining with resonances of ancient pagan ritual and dark humour.

Suitable for families of all ages

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