Tamar Ilana

Artist - Tamar Ilana

Tamar Ilana is a Toronto-born multifaceted artist who grew up touring internationally, singing in multiple languages and dancing flamenco.

Tamar spent much of her childhood performing throughout the Mediterranean and North America with her ethnomusicologist mother, Dr. Judith Cohen, and gathering semi extinct songs in remote Spanish and Portuguese villages.

Immersed in singing, performance and flamenco traditions all throughout her childhood, Tamar founded her band, Ventanas, meaning windows in Spanish, reflective of Tamar’s life as a series of window onto numerous cultures and styles of music, dance and art.

For 2021 audiences will be transported to Canada from our festival home as well as online for a special screening as Tamar Ilana and her band take us on a musical journey, showing how songs and stories from her childhood informed her passionate contemporary blend of electro acoustic storytelling, music and dance.

Saturday 3pm & Sunday 1pm – Outdoor Screen
Songs and Stories from a Mediterranean Childhood

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