Cath Little

Artist - Cath Little

“Mesmerising mythic stories from a wonderful Welsh storyteller” 

Cardiff Storyteller and singer Cath Little has “rough magic” in her voice, and in her words “the gift of the story comes through.

She has performed at festivals across Britain and Ireland, is the author of Glamorgan Folk Tales for Children and is a keen mentor for emerging storytellers.

Cath tells traditional stories from her Irish English heritage and Welsh homeland and is passionate about sharing the ancient British wonder tales of The Mabinogion.

Cath will be joined by a few of her friends as she explores seasonal songs and stories of the old Celtic Horse Goddess. On the first of May she rides as Rhiannon to bring the summer in. At harvest time she is honoured in the Caseg Fedi, the last sheaf of wheat. At midwinter she sings for the death of the year as the Mari Lwyd.

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