Chandrika Joshi

Artist - Chandrika Joshi


Chandrika Joshi was born to Indian parents in Uganda and came to Wales as a refugee in 1972. Her schooling took place in the Rhondda and she studied dentistry at Cardiff University.

Chandrika’s father was a Hindu priest and she followed in his footsteps and became a Hindu priestess serving the Hindu community both locally and beyond. Priests narrating stories (Katha) from ancient texts is a big part of the socio religious Hindu community. Her father narrating Katha and her mother entertaining the neighbours with elaborate tales that she had heard from her mother was a big part of her childhood.

Storytelling is in her blood. There were professional Kathakaar (storytellers) on both sides of her mothers and fathers families. She joined Cardiff storytelling circle 8 years ago and has been telling stories ever since. As part of this year’s festival she will be sharing extracts from her NEW VOICES mentoring experience.


Saturday 2pm: Casglu – Savitri

Saturday 10pm: Gwenllian – Women Who Gave No F*cks

Sunday 12noon: Glyndwr – Mamiaith

Sunday 2pm: Talisman Story Walk


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