Cheryl Beer

Artist - Cheryl Beer

Hearing impaired, environmental sound artist and composer Cheryl Beer, has spent the last year working with the ancient Rainforests of Wales, composing music led by the vascular systems of five remaining enclaves. Her work reunites ancient Celtic grounds that would once have been joined together under the soil by the fine feathery threads of mycelium fungus, standing as one magnificent rainforest, yet today, fragmented & fragile.  By repurposing hearing aid & sensitive biomedical sound equipment, Cheryl has collated biorhythms created by conductivity deep within trees, ferns & moss, using these readings to unearth & compose a Symphony where every musical note played, is led by the ancient rainforests, themselves.

Join Cheryl in nature & listen to the Symphony,  hear her behind the scenes story of each of the Rainforests & take part in the unique experience of feeling the Song of the Trees through one of her innovative vibration boxes.

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