Christine Watkins

Artist - Christine Watkins

A storyweaver travelling the story paths – lost tracks, nettle patches, the Queen’s highways… Christine was born and raised in south-east Wales, where many of the tracks begin, though they lead near and far. She’s been crafting words for speaking in live or broadcast form for 4 decades, transporting those stories with her. They are Herstory and they are stories of belonging and apartness, of discovery and creation from which she feel sher / we are woven into life.

Christine at Beyond the Border

Gathering of the Washers
From the fluttering edges of folktales, from the deeps of a myth, from launderette and riverbank. Here come the memories that have been all but washed away but are needed once again. Christine Watkins and friends introduce a weekend of stories of change and renewal from the re-wilded domestic Laundry.

River Wash These Bones
Inspired by the return of salmon to their home rivers, Christine Watkins and Helen Wales weave together stories of misfortune, strange twists of fate and the long road home. With songs by Helen Melon.

The Night Washers.
They’re rumoured to hang out beyond the village boundary and at the frayed edges of time. There are reasons you may choose to go looking for them – but once you’ve found them, it’ll be too late to turn back. Christine Watkins, with music from Ailsa Mair.

The Washer at the Ford: Storywalk
Guided by a story woven from glimpses and fragments we set off in good company on the trail of Modron, the Washer with one foot in the river and one in the Otherworld. With Christine Watkins, Cath Little and Helen Melon.

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