Cyfarwydd – Kamalagita Hughes

Artist - Cyfarwydd – Kamalagita Hughes

Kamalagita Hughes was born and brought up in the Upper Rhondda Fawr and her family have lived there for generations.

For the last eight years, she has worked as a mindfulness and wellbeing trainer, mainly in schools. “I believe mindfulness skills of calm and focus are essential to healthy and creative states of mind for school leaders, staff, pupils. I see storytelling as the outer dimension of this work: a way to express thoughts and feelings, needs and values and in a way that connects with the world. The storytelling will be in the context of the schools commitment to being an empathy cluster.
Schools are in the heart of a community- so the project should include parents, grandparents and carers to weave a coherent sense of cynefin, belonging.”

Kamalagita is a Mindfulness trainer, storyteller and author. Her book “The Mindful Teacher’s Handbook” was published in 2022.

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