Daniel Morden

Artist - Daniel Morden

Daniel is one of Britain’s most popular storytellers and an award-winning children’s author.
Daniel has delighted audiences all over the world with his performances including the Vancouver, Oslo and the Yukon storytelling festivals, Hay Literature Festival, Beyond The Border, Bath and Cheltenham festivals and at venues such as The Barbican, The National Theatre and The British Museum. He has also worked on television and radio, and has published six children’s books. He was awarded the Hay Festival Medal for his contribution to storytelling.


Storytelling Adventure Premiere
Friday 8pm – Gwenllian (indoor)
Saturday 10pm – Outdoor Version
(Silent Storytelling)

This year Daniel will be performing a new BTB commission Stars and their Consolations created with Hugh Lupton and composer Sarah Lianne Lewis. Greek myths of the most prominent constellations in our night sky illuminated by a unique and evocative soundscape. Visceral, moving and profound.
Trigger warning: this programme contains images of sexual violence.


Sunday 11am: Casglu – New Voices with Ceri Phillips

Sunday 2pm – Gwenllian, Devil’s Violin – The Beast In Me

Gwenllian – Devil’s Violin – The Beast In Me. The Devil’s Violin is Daniel Morden
(story), Oliver Wilson-Dickson (violin) and Sarah Moody (cello). Imagine a world where the lines separating humanity and animals have blurred, in which dark forests contain refuge as well as danger, and where blood is not always thicker than water. A masterfully woven tapestry of stories of shapeshifters, featuring the Tale of Taliesin.

BSL (Tony Evans)

Stars and their Consolation interviews

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