Katy Cawkwell

Artist - Katy Cawkwell

Katy Cawkwell appeared at Beyond the Border 1997 as a “new voice” and she has been telling stories ever since.

She was shortlisted for an Arts Foundation Award and has appeared on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4.  She is well-known for unravelling complex traditional narratives into richly entertaining, glittering stories that linger in the mind long after they are told.  Previous work for adults includes Tristan & Iseult, The Falcon Bride, The Kingdom of the Heart and Rhiannon. She also runs Artemis Storytelling, bringing the best of UK storytelling to Exeter and helping local tellers find their voice.

“compelling and gripping…” Everything Theatre

“Fantastic storytelling!” The Story Museum

“It was great, it was superb, it was magical, it was enthralling” Ilkley LitFest

At the Beyond the Border Festival 2023 they will be performing:


A rich tapestry of Middle Eastern myth and Slavic wonder tale following the magical journey of the Bird with the Fiery Feathers.

Suitable for 6yrs+ (plenty for all ages to enjoy!)

Artemis: The Wild Within

Katy Cawkwell entertains with exhilarating tales featuring Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt in Greek mythology.  An ecstatic early morning encounter with the Dawn, a mother demanding to be remembered and a woman who escapes domesticity to take sweet revenge on her cheating husband.  Expect shape-shifting sex, naked dancing in the moonlight and a dilemma that maybe only the audience can solve…
Age guidance: 16+

“Dazzling.  I loved the exploration of desire and sex and wildness.” Audience Feedback

The Wounded King

Fools in the wasteland. Cracks in the kingdom. Warriors sleeping under the hill.  How to heal the wounds? How to speak truth?  Is it really magic, or just knowing where to look?

Fragments of Arthurian legend that reflect the times we are living through now. Woven together with song and hope and humanity.

Lisa Schneidau, Katy Cawkwell and Ronnie Conboy are storytellers living in Devon, with roots that stretch across the islands of Britain. They have told tales in pubs and clubs, at international festivals and wild firesides, inside burial chambers and on Dartmoor tors. This is their first collaboration.

Suitable for 12yrs+

“A deeply healing evening in the midst of all the grief, destruction, subterfuge AND courage of our times.”
Audience Feedback

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