Mair Tomos Ifans

Artist - Mair Tomos Ifans

Mair has been performing professionally within Wales and beyond for over 25 years.

She is well-known within the folkloric community in Wales. At the 2020 Festival Mair will be joined by Nuala Dunn and Sioned Webb, performing two different presentations for families .

Mair and Nuala will be performing Straeafon/ River Tales, a brand new show blending traditional tales of the rivers of Wales with paddling adventures on a river in a land far far awayAge – 7+

Mair and Sioned’s Welsh or English  language piece, Telynnau’r Tylwyth, fuses traditional tales about the harp and delightful songs that will entice the Tylwyth Teg to dance.

Suitable age 6 +

In addition they also have a Welsh language show for adults -‘Trwy’r Tannau.’

Mirth and wit. Dark adversity. Love, lust and boggy paths – and harps of course.




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