Michael Harvey

Artist - Michael Harvey

Michael has told stories internationally for over 25 years as well as being a leading teacher, coach and director for storytelling performances. He has won a Major Creative Award which allowed him to study with Abbi Patrix and other artists at the 3rd Labo at La Maison du Conte in Paris.

Friday 6.30pm: Gwenllian, Imagine and reawake! BSL (Tony Evans)

Sat: 11am: Menter Iaith Tent, Stories in Welsh for Welsh Learners

Saturday 4pm: Gwenllian, Taliesin with Pauline Down
Michael and Pauline perform an energetic and joyful retelling of Taliesin, with live and looped music and vocals.

Sunday 12 noon: Mamiaith (Mother Tongue) MC

Sunday 5pm – Dinefwr Castle (Premiere)

Y Llyn is a retelling of the Carmarthenshire legend of the Lady of the Lake, through storytelling, movement and music, with Eeva-Maria Mutka (dancer) and Stacey Blythe (musician). A brand new telling of a very old story, intimately connected to the Carmarthenshire landscape, where Annwfn, the Welsh Otherworld, lurks just below the surface.

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