Oli Wilson-Dickson

Artist - Oli Wilson-Dickson

We’re delighted Oliver Wilson-Dickson joins us at Dinefwr as part of the Devil’s Violin.

Described by R2 magazine as ‘an expressive and exceptional fiddler’ he regularly collaborates with storyteller Daniel Morden. He also plays with accordionist Luke Carver Goss in participative concerts and workshops for children and for people living with dementia. As a composer he has written music for stage productions and drama on BBC Radio 4. He also plays in the house band on the Welsh TV show Noson Lawen, where he gets plenty of opportunity to practice his Welsh.

Sunday 2pm: Gwenllian, Devil’s Violin – The Beast In Me

The Devil’s Violin is Daniel Morden (story), Oliver Wilson-Dickson (violin) and Sarah Moody. (cello). Imagine a world where the lines separating humanity and animals have blurred, in which dark forests contain refuge as well as danger, and where blood is not always thicker than water. A masterfully woven tapestry of stories of shapeshifters, featuring the Tale of Taliesin

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