People Speak Up

Artist - People Speak Up

PeopleSpeakUp is a social arts, health and wellbeing enterprise based in Llanelli who connect with communities through storytelling, spoken word, creative writing and participatory arts.


Come and Visit the PSU Pod – available throughout the festival, with audio experiences, a story portrait collection service and a chance to take a break from the hubbub of the festival in a quiet environment. You can also sign up for Spoken Word Saturday, a chance to share poems, stories and real life experiences with a friendly audience.

SATURDAY 12NOON, 2PM, 4PM: Spoken Word
Saturday at the Speak Up POD

SUNDAY 10AM: Casglu Tent – Eleanor Shaw shares her experiences of stories in society

SAT/SUN: Hosting Labyrinth. Visit the Labyrinth to help process your experiences of 2020

SUNDAY 4PM: Outdoor Screen, People Speak Up – Voices of the West Screening

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Beyond the Border Partners - Foyle Foundation
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