Saul Jaffe

Artist - Saul Jaffe


Born in Zimbabwe, Saul began his solo storytelling career at Shakespeare’s Globe, where he was an associate artist for over ten years. As an actor, he’s best known for his one-man show “Merrick, the Elephant Man”, whose unexpected success resulted in him being invited to be a part of “Brits Off Broadway”, the New York festival celebrating the best of British theatre. He’s also performed in some of the UK’s most prestigious theatres, including the Birmingham Rep, Tricycle and Young Vic.
He’s currently part of a team developing a new piece of wearable tech, exploring how real-time, responsive storytelling, music and massage, can help users combat anxiety, stress and isolation, in a post-pandemic environment.


Saturday 3pm – Citrus Village
The Ebony Scroll
Stories about the stars, constellations and planets from cultures across time and the globe. From the Maya to NASA, the Igloolik to the Greeks, we share surprising similarities and unexpected differences. Come and listen to the night sky stories that lie embedded in the Ebony Scroll that unfurls above our heads every night.

Sunday 4 July 6pm: Citrus Village

And Then What Happens?
When storytellers get together wonderful things can happen, as one teller’s tales set another teller thinking. The path of the first story leads us into a forest of words, before dissolving into an ocean of possibility, across which our tellers hurl their stories. For this performance, three voices, never before heard together, unite to concoct a unique blend of tales for a family audience. And then what happens? You’ll have to be there to find out.

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