Stacey Blythe

Artist - Stacey Blythe

Stacey Blythe is a classically trained composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. As well as touring with Adverse Camber, she collaborates with Rajesh David on Gitân.


Sunday 12 noon; Glyndŵr Family Tent, Mamiath -Stories in Mother Tongues

Sunday 5pm; Castle, Y Llyn with Michael Harvey and Eeva Maria Mutka Dinefwr Castle

Sunday 7.30pm – Casglu Tent – Gitân with Rajesh David
The music of Gitân is a walk with two friends between two worlds, each holding the musical thread
of their native or adopted homelands and bringing them together to create a beautiful sonic story
tapestry. The two friends are Rajesh David and Stacey Blythe.

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