Tim Ralphs

Artist - Tim Ralphs

As a babe, his carry-cot rested behind speaker stacks at late night ceilidhs. As a child he followed the storytellers, absorbing their words before disgorging them on the car journey home. He first came to Beyond the Border to 2007 as part of a showcase of young, emergent talent. Now fully emerged and not quite so young, he returns, with the same vibrant love of stories and dynamic approach to performance.

Whether performing at the majestic Teutonic castle at Alden Biesen in Belgium, to the muddy Shropshire fields of Festival at the Edge, to theatres of Soho and The Barbican, Tim’s audiences find him equally captivating whether partaking of cake in a cafe, sitting spellbound around a fire in the woods, or dancing furiously while he lays down words over a frenzy of experimental rock.


Friday 6.30pm – Family Tent – MC Imagine and reawake! BSL (Tony Evans)

Saturday 5pm – Outdoor Screen – Work in Progress
Tim’s Storytelling Experiment “King Arthur Sleeps in Cryogenic Storage” is a post-apocalyptic fusion of Arthurian legend, environmental activism, with electronic music and soundscape.
A trio of unlikely heroes wander the wasteland, hoping the re-awakening of an ancient hero, ultimately facing up to the work they themselves must do
Age 12+

Sat 2pm – The Hallows Queen Story Walk

Sunday 11.45am – Gwenllian The Big Top
Can the Mountains Love the Sea 14+
A Nordic comedy – you are invited to a wedding! There’s a ruthless Giantess outside who wants to kill us all. Loki’s going to do something disgusting with a goat. But it’s all in aid of the most unlikely marriage the world will ever see. You may think the union is unlikely to lead to happy ever after, but the buffet is free and, come bloodshed or bliss, we’ll be watching from ringside seats.

BSL (Tony Evans)

Sunday 4 July 6pm Citrus Village

And Then What Happens?
When storytellers get together wonderful things can happen, as one teller’s tales set another teller thinking. The path of the first story lead us into a forest of words, before dissolving into an ocean of possibility, across which our tellers hurl their stories. For this performance, three voices, never before heard together, unite to concoct a unique blend of tales for a family audience. And then what happens? You’ll have to be there to find out.

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