Tim Ralphs

Artist - Tim Ralphs

Hailing from Nottingham, Tim gained much acclaim at “The Young Storyteller of the Year” competition in 2007, and was a British Award for Storytelling Excellence winner in 2012.

He has performed everywhere from majestic Teutonic castle at Alden Biesen in Belgium, to the muddy Shropshire fields of The Festival at the Edge, to the sophisticated theatres of Soho and The Barbican. His audiences find him equally captivating whether they are partaking of some cake in a cafe, sitting spellbound around a fire in the woods, or dancing furiously while he lays down his words over a frenzy of experimental rock.

He brings his premier performance of “King Arthur Sleeps in Cryogenic Storage”, a post-apocalyptic fusion of Arthurian legend and environmental activism. Percussionist Ashley Tuck (Firegarden, Mother of Vinegar) accompanies the narrative with electronic decay-scapes, as the two of them lead you on a Grail Quest like none other.

Also don’t miss ‘Can the Mountains Love the Sea?’, a beautiful show about a wedding between two very different Viking deities. One is peaceful Njord, gentle loving god of the sea and the other, Skadi – vengeful, aggressive mountain giantess –  like all good weddings you want to be sat at the back where you can eat the food and watch the drama unfold.

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