Kestrel Morton

Artist - Kestrel Morton

Kestrel Morton is a queer, non-binary storyteller currently living in the Vale of Glamorgan. Telling as often in forests, caves, abandoned buildings and quarries, as in traditional venues, Kestrel’s voice carries with it the echoes of the wild edges where the lines between the real and the mythic are blurred and the otherworld overlaps with this one.

The Ragged Storytelling Collective was first conceived in 2020 as an experiment in blending Kestrel’s storytelling with the evocative music of Heulwen Williams. Sunshine draws on their strong connection to the welsh folk heritage and mixes it with a love of stories to create an enchanting soundscape that brings a deep emotion to the performance.

At Beyond the Border Festival 2023 they will be performing their story Binderella.

A baby in a bin, a faceless man, a dead planet and a tall tower; Binderella is a tale for our times, a new myth that reweaves the strands of oral tradition into shapes that reflect the challenges of the modern world we all face.

Kestrel fuses an environmental call to arms with a vision of the otherworld that lies right beside our own; the world of the hidden people, those living at the edges of society, eating from the bins, surviving on what is thrown away.

The energy of punk storytelling dances to the enchanting melodies of welsh folk music in this passionate tribute to Binderella; the Secret Goddess of the bins.

Cefnogir gan