A magical land of power and influence for more than 2,000 years, Dinefwr is an iconic place in the history of Wales. Two forts are evidence of a dominant Roman presence. The powerful Lord Rhys held court at Dinefwr and influenced decisions in Wales.

The visionaries, George and Cecil Rice designed the superb 18th-century landscape that you see today.

The ‘hands-on’ Newton House gives visitors an atmospheric circa 1912 experience. Exhibitions on the first floor tell Dinefwr’s story and inspire visitors to explore the castle and park.

“If you take a handful of the soil of Dinefwr and squeeze it in your hand, the juice that will flow from your hands is the essence of Wales.” Wynford Vaughan Thomas

Dinefwr Castle is owned by the Wildlife Trust and managed by Cadw

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Gŵyl Chwedleua Ryngwladol Beyond the Border - Tocynnau Diwrnod
Fri 2 Jul 12:00am 2021 - Sun 4 Jul 12:00am 2021
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Beyond the Border – Wales’ International Storytelling Festival 7-9 July 2023
7-9 July 2023

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