Digital callout – looking forward

Beyond the Border is postponed until 2021 but we are still finding ways of coming together and sharing stories. Stories feel more important than ever.

That’s why we want to know what we can do in the interim to support the storytelling community, as we believe that stories are needed more than ever.

Beyond the Border was already developing plans to look at how we could improve digital skills in storytelling. We’ve seen over the past fortnight an exciting shift towards using digital platforms for telling stories. Therefore, to help us connect through isolation we want to see what we can do to help support, share, and develop this work.

We hope to use Beyond the Border’s digital platforms to link storytellers and audiences with the wide range of digital work taking place at the moment, as well as offering up-skilling and training opportunities for storytellers who might be taking their first steps into telling stories online.

We’d be really grateful if you could take a few moments to let us know what you’re working on, how you might like us to share it, and what skills you are hoping to develop in digital storytelling.

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