Online Festival – Soundmapping with Ailsa Mair Hughes

Monday 28 June 2021 8:00pm

Ailsa Mair Hughes invites you to be a part of an online creation that takes place over the course of a few days. Ailsa Mair developed a new ‘Soundmapping’ project in lockdown, funded by the Arts Council of Wales & The National Lottery Stabilisation Fund.

At the shores of the sea, Ailsa Mair shares stories she created in response to her sound mapping project.

Over three days, you’re invited to follow her journey and create your own map of the sounds you hear at home. You also have the option to join Ailsa live to hear her responding to your sound maps online in an interactive performance.

Your ticket allows you access to the four activities:

  • Monday 28 June 8pm (Introduction)
  • Tuesday 29 June 8pm (Stori of Las Film)
  • Wednesday 30 June 5pm (Mererid’s Story Film)
  • Wednesday 30 June 8pm (a LIVE session with Ailsa) followed by a Story Snug session with Ailsa on Zoom at 9pm.
Monday 28/06/2021 8:00pm

Supported by

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Beyond the Border Partners - Foyle Foundation
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