Reimagine: Beyond the Border Online

Saturday 4 July 2020

Join us on Saturday 4 July for a 1-day mini-festival and indulge in stories and music from your home or garden (if wifi stretches!).

We will be sharing stories on our Facebook and YouTube Channel with a mixture of free and ticketed live streams and pre-recorded storytelling and music in English and Welsh.

Transform your living rooms with bunting, get your picnics ready, pack camping gear and tents and head into the garden if the WIFI stretches, it’s time to relax, chill out and let your imagination run wild.

Starting from 10am we will be presenting storytellers and musicians to transport audiences across the length and breadth of Wales, and even to Dinefwr.

Our online line up:

BtB Festival 2021 Ticket holders
If you’re already a ticket holder for BTB 2021 – A surprise message will be sent to you on Saturday 4 July at 10am.

You will get an email with exclusively recorded stories, just for you, from Daniel Morden and Young Storyteller Ffion Phillips plus messages from festival musician Seckou Keita and Hand to Mouth Theatre Company, and specially recorded tunes from musician Will Pound.

Reimagine BtB Online
Facebook & YouTube (Free events)

10:00am – Croeso / Welcome to Reimagine BtB Online

Host Tamar Eluned Williams will be welcoming you to our virtual mini-festival. Find out what to expect, what you will need and share with us how you are transforming your homes and gardens into story spaces; or share pictures of you and your pop-up bar; ice-cream stall, picnics and your creative decorations. We want to bring people together and capture the experience of being at a BtB festival online.

11am – 11.40am – Family Storytelling session (English/bilingual)

Here are three stories ideal for families suitable for children aged 5+ and all the adults too, including fairy folk and giant capers from Tamar Eluned Williams, a beautiful story from Cath Little with harp and puppets by Anna Podesta and a special presentation by Hand to Mouth theatre, who invite you to create something in response to their questions and the intriguing characters inside their magical mechanical box!

Tamar Eluned Williams – Carys Nant Carfan (Captioned in English by Captioner Stephanie Bell)

Cath Little, Pali, with puppets by Anna Podesta

Tamar Eluned Williams – Cadarn and Barfog

Hand to Mouth Theatre

MC /Host Michael Harvey
(automated captioning)

12pm – 12.40pm – Family Storytelling Welsh (Cymraeg)

Join storytellers Mair Tomos Ifans, Cath Little and Tamar Eluned Williams for forty minutes of super stories, ideal for Welsh speaking families and learners aged (5+):

Tamar Eluned WilliamsY Brenin Oedd Eisiau Cyffwrdd y Lleuad (The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon). (Captioned in Welsh by Captioner Stephanie Bell)

Cath Little, Pali, with puppets by Anna Podesta

Mair Tomos IfansDwy Stori

MC /Host Michael Harvey

1pm – 1.50pm – Stories for Welsh Learners (Cymraeg)

Three storytellers invite you to travel with them across the length and breadth of Wales, to enjoy a selection of stories from locations close to where they live – some funny, some downright spooky, plus music and songs, in a session ideal for beginners to intermediate levels of learning Welsh. The stories are suitable for ages 6+ and will be told by:

Fiona CollinsIdris and Bronwen, and Rhita Fawr

Cath Little – Ar y fford i Lecwydd and Breuddwyd Macsen

Guto DafisTri Dyn mewn Angladd and Merch ei Mam

MC /Host Michael Harvey

2.30pm – 3.15pm – Stories in Landscape                      

We transport you to two locations teeming with natural inspiration, as storytellers Lisa Schneidau in Devon and Phil Okwedy at Dinefwr, the Festival’s new home, share stories awakened by these beautiful landscapes.

(automated captioned)


Reimagine Online Ticketed Events (£10 per booker plus admin fee to access all 3 events)

From 4pm-9pm BtB will bring you an evening of three special live storytelling broadcasts, for adults and older children, featuring storytellers and musicians from Wales, the UK and stretching across the Atlantic all the way to Minnesota!  A private link will be shared with ticket holders beforehand, where you will be able to access all 3 performances during the times below:

4pm – 5pm – Reimagining the Next World

An hour of stories and conversation with Clare Murphy (Dublin, Ireland) and Kevin Kling (Minnesota USA).    Where does myth get you in times like these?  Where does Story meet the everyday?  How do we move from here to beyond here?  Can stories help us reimagine a new future beyond these strange days?  Can we all keep connected, through the possibilities of digital space?  Come join Kevin and Clare as they navigate their way with words over new terrain.

6 – 7pm – Signposts
British Sign Language Interpreter – Tony Evans

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” Maya Angelou.

“Os nad y’ch chi’n gwybod o ble ry’ch chi wedi dod, dy’ch chi ddim yn gwybod ble ry’ch chi’n mynd.”

Through stories and songs rooted deeply in Wales, we trace the familiar trails and tracks we know, and some we might almost have forgotten, to help ground and connect us, as we imagine new pathways ahead. With storytellers Ceri John Phillips, Siân Miriam and musician Owen Shiers.

8pm – 9pm – Trickster Fairies vs Festive Ceilidh Remix!

For the last hour of our mini-festival we cross into the strange, familiar, parallel dimensions of the Tylwyth Teg, where time passes differently with storyteller Mair Tomos Ifans, dip into festival favourite TUUP’s amazing store of wisdom stories to light our way into the night, then it’s time to clear a space in your living room or kitchen, grab your teddy bear, floor mop, lap top, phone or ipad – even a partner if one’s handy! – and get your ‘dosey doe’ shoes on for an online ceilidh experience with a specially written dance from caller Cate Haynes and music by The Urban Folk Theory

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Saturday 04/07/2020

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