Two Indians – Striking the Empire Back

Thursday 18 March 2021

Beyond the Border & Festival at the Edge

Dovie Thomason & Peter Chand

Provocative (adjective) Causing annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately. Origin Late Middle English from Old French ‘called forth, challenged’.

Beyond the Border and Festival at the Edge join forces for their first interactive, internationally exchanging online event, as Dovie Thomason & Peter Chand share a revealing storytelling journey.

Imagine yourself at a storytelling festival, eavesdropping on two respected cultural Storytellers’ deepest private discussions. You might hear a familiar tale in a new way, or new tales which unsettle you, hear more questions than answers, and streams of consciousness as expansive as any conquering Imperial power.

“In our experience, the world of storytelling can often freeze Indigenous tales through a fixed Western lens, narrowly focused on cultural assumptions – by collectors, folklorists, anthropologists, and occasionally by storytellers too. 

By combining deep-rooted stories with open conversation and a mix of healthy humour, we will explore the dangers of this single narrative, along with what is often unseen in the post-colonial fog.”

Alongside sharing stunning stories, The Two Indians will explore insights into the grounding of visiting within their communities, and its relationship to the modern craft of storytelling. Looking beyond performance, these storytellers will reflect on ways in which stories offer so much more than just a moment of escape.

This online co-commission is a partnership between Beyond the Border and Festival at the Edge- two of the UK’s most longstanding storytelling festivals.  Be part of its online premiere ahead of planned future extended on-stage performances.

Dovie Thomason is a Storyteller of Indigenous ancestry and has almost 40 years of experience in public telling. Her family comes from Western Plains and Scot Traveller homelands.  She lives in the United States.

Peter Chand is a British – born Indian Storyteller of almost 20 years of experience. His family come from Punjab, North India and he lives in England.

Zoom interactive experience £10 per house/ screen access.


£8 YouTube tickets per house/screen access


We are sorry that we are unable to provide BSL or Caption support for tonight’s show. We can provide an alternative view of the show soon. Please contact and we can arrange further details of an alternative BSL / Caption broadcast for you to view.

Thursday 18/03/2021

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