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A message from Naomi and Sandra

Can you believe it? We just experienced a live festival, face-to-face with each other in 2021 and we want to thank everyone who came together to make it happen and looked out for one another. We were transported by stories, music and the beautiful setting into a world where we could almost forget about the last 16 months.

It was truly magical to witness the emotional impact a live performance had for audiences and the artists. We explored Dinefwr together and found the perfect home for Beyond the Border Storytelling festival a place where the ground is steeped with stories and together we made them dance through the woods, around the castle walls, over the hills, along the river, through the deerpark and across the fields.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who made this event possible – the incredibly hard working team, the artists and audiences, traders, volunteers and all the helpers who looked out for one another and came with us on this journey.  

Behind the scenes and in high-vis jackets across the site were a fantastic team working in operations, productions and technical all of whom have been stopped from using their incredible skills to support performance events in the last 16 months. The fact that Beyond the Border could go ahead, be a safe event and be an enjoyable and joyous experience is down to their abilities to support the event and the performers.

We know a lot of our audiences were unable to be with us this year and we look forward to a time when we can all be together in person again…we are already thinking about what we have learnt from our new festival home looking ahead to our next major festival in July 2023, as well as the many other happenings that will be popping up in between.

If you were unable to be with us, or you might have missed something or want to relive it again, you can still catch up on some of our Online Festival – specially filmed and recorded audio for digital audiences – right up until 15 July.

Thank you once again for being incredible supporters and we will see you soon.”

Naomi (Artistic Director) & Sandra (Festival Manager)

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