The Mycelium Storytelling Hub

Developing a new generation of storytellers –  a new collaboration between freelancers and organisations supported by Arts Council Wales’ Connect and Flourish fund.

Beyond the Border – Wales’ International Storytelling Festival together with partners from the National Eisteddfod, Menter Iaith, People Speak Up, Citrus Arts, Head4Arts and Theatre Soar are working together in an exciting new collaboration to ensure the future of the storytelling sector in Wales, with funding from the Arts Council of Wales’ Connect and Flourish fund.

The Mycelium Story Hub is a network of organisational and freelancer partners, committed to sharing practice & nurturing less frequently heard stories from across Wales’ diverse communities. The model is inspired by nature’s mycelium networks and includes support for producers and a new role of contemporary Cyfarwyddion.

Contemporary Cyfarwyddion will help uncover and share the stories of communities in which they are based for a twelve month residency. The role of the Cyfarwydd is directly inspired by older traditions of the Welsh Cyfarwydd; storytellers who captured and reflected what was happening in their communities, offering subtle guidance though the stories they told.  Each Cyfarwydd had an apprenticeship, and went on to become a highly respected member of society, travelling and bringing back news to the courts, reflecting the society of their time.

The Mycelium Hub will also include producers, either paired with Cyfarwyddion to work in partnership in a particular community or developing other programmes or projects, based on areas of priority or potential.

The first year of the project is prioritising Welsh language storytelling and two geographically specific partnerships, one with People Speak Up in Carmarthenshire, Beyond the Border’s festival’s new home, and a second which will be launched in the Rhondda, including partners Citrus Arts, Head 4 Arts and Theatre Soar. There is shared interest in reflecting the resilience, history, politics, dialects and characters of specific communities, finding ways to ensure these communities’ stories are nurtured and celebrated.

We warmly welcome applications from those who are significantly underrepresented in our sector, such as disabled people, Neurodivergent, Welsh speakers and individuals from LGBTQIA+, Black, Asian and Global Majority Communities.

We will offer support to people making applications. BTB is running an open session for people to find out more to chat about the role on Friday 15 October from 4.30pm.  The partners are offering guaranteed interviews to Welsh speakers, and LGBTQIA+, Black, Asian and Global Majority, Disabled and Neurodivergent applicants.

Open Session – 15 October, 4.30pm – Book your space

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Contemporary Cyfarwyddion

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