Storytellers in your pocket

Dinefwr is a huge and beautiful site. Take a breather from the festival hubbub and go for a walk with a storyteller in your pocket. We’ve collected a selection of stories and songs from Welsh, UK and international storytellers for you to listen to and enjoy throughout the festival.

Storytellers in your Pocket - recorded at Dinefwr

Farting Stone by Sara Liisa

Taliesin – by Ffion Phillips
“The birth of Taliesin is a story of transformation and magic from North Wales charting the path of one of the most incredible transformations of all: a child into a story teller.”

Yama the God of Death by Chandrika Joshi

The Punk Pot – by Kestrel Morton
“The Punk Pot is my newest adaptation of a Scots traveller story that’s a regular in my repertoire and the favourite story of my two nieces. This version grew from a chat with Sunshine about including non binary characters in traditional tales and a general feeling that folk stories needed more punks in them.

I told it to a small crowd who hadn’t had enough stories after the last events of the festival had ended and the crew were shutting down the site, so listen out for the moment when the lights get switched off where we were sat!”

The Sun and the Moon – an Aztec Story by Saul Jaffe

The Departure of the Giants – by Phil Okwedy

“When I came across this story 10 years ago, it immediately spoke to me and yet, I have only just begun to tell it. Perhaps I was not ready until now, or perhaps it is the particular mess of circumstances right now that have caused it to insist on being told.”


Carreg y Bwci by Ceri Philips
“The solitary rock called ‘carreg y bwci’  stands upon a hill near Lampeter. This tale serves as a stark warning for lost travellers to seek shelter indoors… Especially if you are a highwayman!”

Mair Tomos Ifans

“Here is a story that I remember hearing as a child – I can’t recall whether it was my father or my grandfather who told it – my grandfather was brought up in Llanegryn and my father spent much of his childhood there as well. It’s about a farmer from Llanegryn who wants to sell a horse and ends up meeting the Tylwyth Teg.”

This story is in Welsh.

Lynne Denman

Lynne Denman’s repertoire includes songs deeply rooted in the traditions, rhythms, languages and landscapes of the Celtic countries. Lynne has sung traditional and new Welsh, English and French songs for audiences on five continents.  She records and tours as a founder member of folk ensemble Ffynnon.  A skilled heritage interpreter, Lynne researched, wrote and performed music for a major project in North Wales named Tywysogion Gwynedd / The Princes of Gwynedd.

Nick Hennessey

Nick Hennessey is an internationally acclaimed storyteller, playwright, folk singer, song writer and musician. He has told stories for more than 20 years, performing at venues such as the Southbank Centre and the Royal Albert Hall. He is particularly drawn to North European cultural traditions and has been awarded high honours in Finland for his work on their National Epic, Kalevala.  He is a sought after collaborator, working regularly with Finnish musicians Suunta, Adverse Camber, Hugh Lupton, Jonny Dyer and Vicki Swan.

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