Storytellers Cath Little and Ffion Phillips join Mycelium Storytelling Hub

The Mycelium Storytelling Hub will be working with two incredible and insightful storytellers, Cath Little and Ffion Phillips, who will help develop the new Wales wide collaboration programme between freelancers and organisations, supported by Arts Council Wales’ Connect and Flourish fund.

The Mycelium Story Hub is a network of organisational and freelancer partners, committed to sharing practice & nurturing less frequently heard stories from across Wales’ diverse communities. The model is inspired by nature’s mycelium networks and includes support for producers and a new role of contemporary Cyfarwyddion.

Beyond the Border, National Eisteddfod, People Speak Up, Menter Iaith and Citrus Arts, along with individual storytellers and community members, Head4Arts and Theatre Soar, will all be working to ensure the future of the storytelling sector in Wales.

Cath Little and Ffion Phillips will join the Hub partnership to offer support, insight and assistance to develop the Wales wide programme.

Beyond the Border’s Engagement Producer and Project Manager, Tamar Williams said; “Both storytellers will join with the other members of the Hub to act as champions and connectors, supporting Producers and Cyfarwyddion within the communities where they are working and, where it’s useful, making connections between their work and any other activities across Wales.  We know that storytellers often find themselves working in isolation and the whole approach of the Mycelium Hub is to connect people together, so that we can create a stronger and more resilient all round network of activity.”

Cardiff storyteller and singer, Cath Little is well-known throughout the community. Cath already helps run the Cardiff Storytelling Circle and curates their seasonal concerts, Tales for the Turning Year. She tells and listens to stories at Oasis, a Cardiff Charity which supports refugees and asylum seekers, and she mentors Riverside Young Storytellers, helping to give young people in her community the confidence to imagine and speak out for themselves.

Cath said, “We need to develop a new generation of storytellers and to give a platform to voices and stories from across all our diverse communities of Wales. I am proud and thrilled to be part of the hub that makes this happen.”

Young Storyteller of the Year 2021-2022, Ffion Phillips, who is based in North Wales discovered her talent for storytelling at Venue Cymru’s Story Circle when she was eight years old. Inspired by her native North Wales, Ffion has a passion for re-remembering and reimagining Welsh tales. She has told at the Aberystwyth Storytelling Festival, Beyond the Border and the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

Ffion said, “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to give my input and be a part of shaping such an exciting and unique project for Welsh storytelling , but more than anything I can’t wait to learn from the experience of watching the hub develop.”

We’re really thrilled to be able to draw on the wide range of skills, experience and interests that Cath and Ffion bring to this work – as early and more experienced storytellers living in different parts of the country, both with enormously relevant perspectives as we work to improve the support structures available to everyone.” Naomi Wilds, Artistic Director, Beyond the Border.

Mycelium Storytelling Hub - Cath Little (English)
Ffion Philips - Hwb Chwedleua Myseliwm (Cymraeg)
Ffion Phillips Mycelium Storytelling Hub (English)

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