Project Manager – Ayisha De Lanerolle

Ayisha De Lanerolle has been co-creating and delivering arts and cultural programmes across the UK for the past 20 years. As a woman of mixed heritage she finds herself fascinated by what gives us a sense of belonging and home so in 2005 she founded The Conversation Agency to focus on conversation as a tool for building connections and community. Using a variety of participatory, collaborative and democratic processes to spark curiosity about each other and welcome the differences between us. Over the years she has worked with a range of different arts and educational organisations and also held long term residencies at Turner Contemporary Margate, Turner Prize 2019, and Mansions of the Future, Lincoln.

Recently a new thread in her work is putting the body back into conversations. Exploring how to resource people in times of uncertainty and conflict, particularly around questions of how to process trauma and what it means to decolonize institutions.

“This is an exciting time to be revealing and connecting new stories in a Wales which is committed to an expansive vision of our futures. I’m looking forward to helping the wonderful team of creatives to realise their ideas and supporting the collaborating organisations on their anti-racism journey.” Ayisha De Lanerolle


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