Webinar Wednesday: What are you talking about? with Florian Fischer

Webinar Wednesday: What are you talking about? with Florian Fischer

February 3 10am-1pm, Online

Free of charge

As oral storytellers, we work with traditional tales that were fixed in writing at a certain point in history as well as with imported images when telling stories of another cultural background. In our practice of selecting, adapting, and performing traditional folktales for contemporary audiences we may encounter problematic issues concerning racism, gender stereotypes or hetero-normativity in the stories we tell.

This follow-up workshop builds from awareness raising to the challenges of stereotypes and forms of discriminatory imagery in traditional folktales established in the introductory workshop “What are you talking about?”. In our continuous work, we want to deepen our understanding of these challenges through exchange and discussion and apply them more concretely to examples in our own storytelling. Looking at the stories we tell, the workshop tries to contextualize the issues of stereotypes and cultural appropriation to our personal experience as storytellers within present-day power structures.

About Florian

Florian Fischer is a freelance trainer, consultant, and writer on social justice issues, focusing on (post)colonial heritage, racism/whiteness, masculinities, and gender diversity. He also works as a young storyteller having graduated from the course ‘Storytelling in Art and Education’ at Berlin University of the Arts in 2018.

Places are limited to 16 people and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please email if you’d like to attend.

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