Cyfarwydd – Gillian Brownson – Anglesey

Artist - Cyfarwydd – Gillian Brownson – Anglesey

Gillian is a Writer-Poet, Theatre Maker and Storyteller based in Anglesey.

Gillian has been telling stories, writing stories and singing stories most of her life, and recently started illustrating them too. She’s worked in Yorkshire, London, the US and Canada & has now settled back in her native home of Wales, where partners include The Arts Council of Wales, BookTrust Cymru & Creu Conwy. She’s driven by the communal act of telling a story, and the energy that inhabits the space where a story flows between its teller and its listener, and she is deeply inspired by tales of empowerment which lift audiences to aspire.

Gillian is a proud resident of the island of Anglesey, where she grew up amidst the tales associated with Barclodiad Y Gawres, Bedd Branwen, Ynys Llanddwyn & Llandona among many others. In her role as a Cyfarwydd, Gill aims to collect some of these stories, or other Môn stories which live in the minds of older members of the community, in order for younger tellers to connect with their home and retell the tales from their own perspective. Gill is also looking forward to creating a new storytelling performance based on her discoveries.

Gillian Brownson

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