CASGLU is the Welsh word for Gathering (pronounced ‘Casglee’). Join us for an informal coffee & chat group for established and emerging storytellers.

Held on a Friday morning at 11am, CASGLU is an online meeting space for storytellers. Through regular sessions which last an hour to 90 minutes, storytellers discuss hot topics of artistic interest and mutual concern, share practice, develop ideas, network and build relationships. Each session, facilitated by BtB’s bilingual Engagement Co-ordinator, begins with provocations by 1-2 artists/guests, followed by breakout rooms to discuss in small groups.

CASGLU is a consultation and ideas space and an opportunity to initiate debate. CASGLU is equally accessed by experienced professionals, emerging and beginner storytellers. Discussions feed into training and professional development sessions organised by the Beyond the Border festival team. Through CASGLU, artists build relationships and challenge one another, increasing their individual sense of agency as well as their identity as part of a community with growing critical mass.

Next dates:

22 July 11am
Theme: “Twisting Fairytales” with a provocation from Billie Ingram-Sofokleous.

Join us for our online coffee and chat as we explore and discuss how we twist faitytales.
How do you think combining Fairytales can be good for teaching children a way of retelling well known stories? How much do you think we should keep the same when we’re combining stories? How many stories do you think you could combine in a 5 minute slot? Which stories would you combine? What problems do you think an audience/storyteller might have with combining Fairytales in this way?

If you’d like to attend, please follow the link above or email

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