Hugh Lupton

Artist - Hugh Lupton

Hugh Lupton is an award winning storyteller, performer and author who has toured nationally and internationally for over 35 years. He co-founded the Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Sally Pomme Clayton, whose work has been instrumental in stimulating a nationwide revival of interest in storytelling.

Creative collaborations with numerous acclaimed artists include an award winning partnership with Daniel Morden on Greek epics (2006 Classical Association prize). His 2018 novel The Assembly of the Severed Head, is “underpinned by long and wise understanding of the oral tradition and the Mabinogion … its backbone is a humane engagement with the power and function of story.” Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Storytelling Adventure Premiere
Friday 8pm – Gwenllian (indoor)
Saturday 10pm – Outdoor Version
(Silent Storytelling)

Hugh will be performing a new BTB commission Stars and their Consolations created with Daniel Morden and composer Sarah Lianne Lewis. Greek myths of the most prominent constellations in our night sky illuminated by a unique and evocative soundscape. Visceral, moving and profound.
Trigger warning: this programme contains images of sexual violence.



Sunday 6pm – Glyndwr
Crying Like a Fire in the Sun

Demons and Angels contend in a rich interweaving of Apocryphal and Old Testament tales drawing from Jewish, Islamic and Christian sources, spliced with songs from the visionary end of Bob Dylan’s repertoire.

Stars and their Consolation interviews

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