Welsh Learners

We are fortunate in Wales not only have a tremendous amount of folk tales, myths and legends but to have our own language that has survived over hundreds of years. Not everyone in Wales speaks Welsh, and there are many we know are keen to understand more. In the 2023 Festival there will be chances to learn some Welsh whatever your age and abilities – accessible opportunities for those wanting to learn some Welsh to stories in Welsh for those who are a little more advanced.

To help you along the way our signage on site, our website and our printed programme will be bilingual.

We also recommend downloaded onto your phones the Lingo App. While we don’t all speak Welsh as a first language, you may feel comfortable having this on your person if you want to practice your Welsh.


Here are a few Welsh words you may find helpful:

Bore da – Good Morning

Pnawn da – Good Afternoon

Noswaith dda – Good Evening

Nos Da – Good Night

Os gwlecwh yn dda – please

Ga I beint? – Can I have a pint?

Ga I _? Can I have_?

Ble mae – where is_?

Hwyl! Bye

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